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03 July 2013 @ 03:39 pm
When is my last update?
So busy with real life, study, subbing and trying hard to keep updated about M.A.D.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who think Kouta looks different.
The other Kouta-tan also agree or say the same thing.
I... somewhat am not happy with the atmosphere he emits though.

But I love it so much when he mentions 5 of MAD in his pamphlet =D

And Tsubasa called Tsu-kun as M.A.D. \(^O^)/

...I'm not sure either this is a good time for me to fangirling or not, or I'll be too insensitive with the current issue if I still have time to fangirl, but they wipe away all the stress and sadness and there's always a sunshine behind the cloud they bring.

The situation here is getting more and more stressing but, thank God, I'm just staying at home.
I've finished paying for flight tickets and so on... But I have exam on 7/6 so I hope things won't get serious.

...Now, I think I know what some people mean when they said there are a lot of elitists in junior fandom like dance umbrella unit.
I feel it right now.