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05 June 2014 @ 11:28 am
I dreamed of IkeKota.
"MAD" were having a solo live in my university stadium.
(It's like Kouta's family had just moved to my city, and opened a small ra-men shop.)
I went to see their rehearsal that evening but they were already on their way home, I could see their backs, both wearing jerseys and, it's just from the posterior view but they were so cool (>____<)
The next day, I went to the stadium again, earlier, after class, but Kouta wasn't there. Iketan was so kind, he apologized to me and was like, "I'm sorry but Kouta isn't around. He has something to do. You can go to this address to meet him..." - That cute Iketan was actually so handsome and cool in my dream.
So, the dream focused on Kouta now. He just came back from school, in his UNIFORM!! (>____<) Oh, my most favourite appearance of Kouta!!! *Flails*
The shop was fulled of people, so he was like, "I'm home!" to his mom and immediately go to the back of the shop, put on his bag onto the last table and started to help taking orders and cleaning the dishes - without changing his uniform.
He then sat at the last table and started to do his homework and he was awwwww~~~~ Damn cute!!!!
I sound like a hentai ossan who loves high school girls in their uniform but, Kouta in his high school uniform is so much loved (≧∇≦)

But Risa was like "Go changing your uniform!! Sweaty school boy is disliked even if it's Kouta" when I told this dream on twitter lol
Sadly it ended there before I could meet him =( But seeing and talking to Iketan is enough.

It started with a random dream, and I was running when I saw a van full of school kids - they were kidnapped.
I tried to help but I was kidnapped orz
So we were struggling and fighting in the van and I kicked the front door and tried to push the man out (while the van was still moving - I don't know who drove the van)
Here, in reality I heard my alarm rang which I set with Kouta's beautiful voice.
So Kouta appeared in my dream.
I don't know what happened or what did he do, when did he come but we all were suddenly saved by Kouta.
So, all the kids were like, running back to their houses, leaving me and another three kids following Kouta.
He didn't talk much other than chasing us away.
He was all grumpy and sulky and like, acting like a kid, or, like "I want this" but when people ask do you want this? "No, I don't! No way I would want it!".
We were all hungry, he looked annoyed when we complained about it but in the end he stopped at a restaurant.
He would always go to the different direction than us.
When we entered the restaurant, he went direct to the sink and brushed his teeth. So we asked him what he wants as the waiter came to take an order but he just bit his empty toothbrush and sulked ← I don't know how to explain this but he was so so soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee - the spoiled kid face (//∇\\)
We called him to come sit with us and he just sulked, so we took our plates and went sitting with him outside.
"What do you want?" - sulked.
So we ordered something for him and... he actually ate even though he sulked and pretended like he wasn't hungry.
Then this one kid revealed that Kouta is going to save someone, his family or relatives who was kidnapped by the previous kidnapper's friends.
We said we are coming with him, he sulked again and rejected us.
He got a message saying like, the kidnapped person is in danger, so he left his food and was about to go.
One of the kids knew the place so, he directed us to this A road, but Kouta went to the B road instead because he just didn't want to be the same as other or us. Or perhaps he was Zoro of One Piece and everyone was like "IT'S THIS WAY!!" retorting him, but he was just, I just want to follow this way.
Then the previous kidnapper came blocking our way, and Kouta had to change his road and came saving us again lol
That dream was so random without a proper ending but sulky Kouta was all cute in the dream.

It's been awhile since the last time I had dream about him.
The last dream was like, back in August I think, when I was in Malaysia; and it was a very sweet dream.
He was all cold. We were both strangers when we met at the first time, but the next time I met him at an escalator, he dragged my hand and went down the moving stairs (//-\\)

Ah, I suddenly remember another silly and embarrassing dream I had months ago (//.\\)
"MAD" and ABC-Z were chosen by Johnny's to join an event in a school, but it actually turned out to be an audition and they had to compete with the students to win a spot (at the same time be the instructor to the students)
The winner will be given with their own TV program.
So, Iketan competed in a break dance competition, ABC-Z were actually the judges.
Iketan did very well but the result was suddenly decided by some Johnny's staffs and Iketan was not chosen for the next round.
The winners were his students.
He was so frustrated and ran away with teary eyes.
Fumito and I (I don't know how could I suddenly appear in the event) were so worried and we decided to look for him.
I was so afraid he would quit (Uh, I don't want to remember that feelings, I've been feeling the lost of M.A.D. members these past few years, it's very heartbreaking)
So, I saw Kouta who was teaching some students.
I was quite hesitant to ask him because I felt like he'd think I like him and PURPOSELY try to talk to him, but Iketan was more than my egotism, so I ended up asking him instead.
"Did you see Iketan?" asking from a distance.
"Want me to tell you? Come here..."
He called me to come closer, with teasing smile and suddenly hugged me for a moment.
I was unwilling at first but when I was to (//-\\) hug him back, he whispered to my ear "Later on" - smirked, pushed me away, and went away with a satisfying laugh.
One of ABC-Z members came then to tell me Fumito managed to find Iketan and persuaded him.
I felt so useless and dumb when I couldn't do anything for Iketan but fell for Kouta's play instead orz
Later, Fumito explained to Iketan that he has something better prepared for "MAD" that he didn't want Iketan to proceed with the competition he joined.
That wasn't a sweet dream at all, but vexing instead orz