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05 July 2014 @ 12:12 pm
a little thought...  
Regarding this entry: 4U. x TheyBudou x "MAD" crosstalk

I'm afraid if I say this, Travis Japan's fans will bash me but, I mean it in a good way.

Like how Yuta said, the current Travis Japan is just like them in the past i.e just like M.A.D. but I feel the difference, like how Ryota said they were all reckless.
But to me, Travis Japan is more serious and you can feel them appealing themselves as individual more rather than as a group and there's competition among the members and of course it's a good thing that they got their individual works and gain more spotlight in their own ways.

But M.A.D. were like, relying on each other and they talked more about the members/ the group than about themselves and there was less feeling of competition among them.

Like how they always brought members' stories in their individual interviews, even like in 2006, where they were separated into two groups, group working for Playzone 2006 and group working for Arashi's concert.
Yet the Arashi-group still talking about PZ06 group and PZ06 group talking about Arashi-group while they were having different session of interview.

And like how, for example, Noda-san and Ryota.
Noda-san didn't mind being in the back and pushed the younger boys to the front but Ryota, even though he's more popular than the others, got his own spotlight, he doesn't, I mean like, push himself alone but he'd always drag any members along, just like in this interview, how he tried to make Tsu-kun talk.
subaruneesubarunee on July 5th, 2014 08:08 pm (UTC)
Eru,have you read any Traja crosstalk on magz? It's not like i'm mad or something,and it's not about i complain about your opinion too,just wanna share how Traja as group. *and i'm not to compare with how M.A.D since i only know them for 2 years so i don't know them at all ><

Like you said,Traja are very individual and lack as group,they themself know about that and often said it in magz said that "We're all rival but we as group always have a good atmosphere around us" they always fight each other. Anigumi in beginning,can't accept that they going join Ototogumi as new group and find that Ototogumi is always annoying.

They also have some nerves about jobs,since ya,you know,some members got a lot jobs but others is sooo lack,Shizuya,Kaji,and Kaito (Nakamura) said in magazine how upset them for not get any jobs.

But as group,they always thinking how they can made the performance good,and makes the person their backed *mostly Yuma* got his very best performance. And it almost always success.

As Yaracchi said on his nikki for a times *Traja also said this a several times on magz* "Traja all are rival but they've got unity"

Miyachika has some nerves since he's not with Traja for a year and find himself afraid that members will forgot about him but Noeru said that Traja will never leave him...

When Traja have a 'kenka',4U always give an advice as senpai,bring them to talk and they always have convo to finish the fight and crying each other after sharing some words

I don't know if it's same with M.A.D, Forgive me to said to much words,just want to share how Traja is it... *and i'm sorry again for my bad English*

I,myself always wait for Yaracchi,4U,and others senpai to always give an eyes to Travis Japan as a young brothers of them >
エル: AtsutoHatsuhikaeru on July 5th, 2014 08:28 pm (UTC)
Did I say something wrong?

That's what I mean.
They are all rivals but still a group and you can clearly see it, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Of course it's good for their individual selves and the group.

Yes, I read their crosstalk, and read how they were scolded by 4U.

What I see from M.A.D. and TraJa, both have the rival and group bonds but M.A.D. less showed their rivaling but TraJa shows less grouping.

Like, even in 4U. now, they said they are rivals but they appear more like group mates than rivals, but you can, as I said, clearly, see the rivaling in TraJa.

Like anigumi said they don't want juniors, and I saw they didn't really go along with the ototogumi in their first appearance.
But, I didn't really see it when M.A.D. got MADE join them as a group (Before MADE became MADE)

I'm not sure what you're so concerned about since I said it, I mean it in a good way, and what you explained and I said/ saw is the same thing.
subaruneesubarunee on July 6th, 2014 04:12 am (UTC)
What I see from M.A.D. and TraJa, both have the rival and group bonds but M.A.D. less showed their rivaling but TraJa shows less grouping.

Aaaaaa!!!~~ I understand... orz