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09 April 2015 @ 11:14 pm
It's been such a long time I haven't updated this journal (or even mix_madmade).
Real life is busy orz

I'm so curious about "MAD" in Kabuki that they appeared a lot in my dream orz

I dreamed of Ike-chan and Kouta. They were late to school (with backpacks) and they didn't even do their homeworks, so they were punished to do their homeworks outside the classroom and they were quarrelling, like "It's your fault that I didn't do my homework!", "No, it's your fault" and so on - Just like Gian and Suneo of Doraemon XD

Another dream was about Kabuki.
Kouta was about to say his English lines that he was bragging about, and suddenly a JAE-san came from behind and covered Kouta's mouth with his hand, so Kouta was struggling to say his line but the JAE guy smothered him more.

The other dream was a very stupid and embarrasing one.
I went somewhere. When I was about to enter a room, where I had to take off my shoes, I suddenly remembered that I wore torn socks orz
Ugh, it's embarrassing, what should I do?
And Kouta passed by, so I stopped him and whispered, "My socks are torn, what should I do?".
Ah, stupid! Stupid!!! Even it's just a dream, how could I be that stupid to tell someone something embarrasing and even ask for his opinion or advice!? orz
I hate showing people my weakness, especially something that's embarrassing, even in my dream. So I'm so concerned about the stupid dream (//--\\)

Whatsoever with the dream.

I'm so obssessed with Kamen Rider OOO lately, I have a lot to talk about Kamen Riders, M.A.D. boys and a lot more but I'll have an exam this Sunday and another exam the next two weeks. There is only one off day on Friday. Hardly any break between each round.
School life keeps me busy =(
I can't even go home in summer and go to see Kabuki in Singapore. I won't have a summer holiday this year T____T
Housekinihousekini on April 11th, 2015 01:33 pm (UTC)
Erucchiiiiiiii!! You're just SO cute that I can't!!!!

*Squeezing her in a huge hug*

And... Whaaat?? No holidays this summer???? T_____T Nooooo!
But I wish you the best luck with school ne!

I miss you so much >.