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15 July 2014 @ 11:57 pm
KABUKI'14 DISC 2 comments  

I said I don't want to say anything because people would say i'm biased but I need to say it!

Everyone is so good.
I'm so grateful to Tackey for giving them chance to show their true ability and improve it.

I just love him so much!!
His feelingssssssssssssss!!!!
Please make him Saburo'15 please!!!!
His presence there is enough to give the story a stable atmosphere!

He of course needs to train harder, like how to feel his role, but he did really good!
He had nice expression throughout the play.
Maybe he needs more training in how to talk in old language, because there are certain parts he doesn't feel like in old era.
and and, he's so cute, like Saburo-sama came closer, and he moved backward one step, and closer and one step backward (>____<)
His smile is just so bright as always!

lol another cute boy!
I have not much to say about him, I think he gives good expressions every time he is on stage.

He's so good, the way he talks, the way he expresses his dialogues, his facial expression, everything is better than in Kabuki'12 DVD.
I knew you can do good and better, boy!!
I'm glad he gets the stage to show his true talent.

Ah! Firstly, his acrobatic skills is superb!!! *Salute*
His acting skill is also improving than in the previous one.
Unlike, Taiga, this is a really hidden talent to me, I never knew Kento can do this good.
His evil laugh doesn't sound fake or forced. It's really good Kento!!
Next time, get into your character more and more!!

I've been seeing his talent since PLAYZONE 2009.
Even though he is just the background boy, he always does his best and gives good expression that could absorb at least me into the story or situation they are having.
I was kind depressed that he didn't get a good role in the previous Kabuki but this time!!!
Thank you so much Tackey!
No need to comment on his acrobatic skills but, that was really awesome!
And the synchronicity he had with Kento in acrobatic is just... !!!! PERIOD
He has a very nice voice.
He talks very gently but with an evil feeling in the tone.
I feel like killing Yoshitsune looking at Iketan, and the regret and various feelings he had when he died, after using Kento as his shield, that was jsbdalxjo8ylk and I was teary-eyed.
Overall, he just dragged you along into the story!!!
Keep it up, Yu-chan!
I'm so proud of my boy! (T^T)
I cried at the scene, the first, not the first, the second scene he appeared with Kento and Tsu-kun and killed Abe and hurt KyoTaiga.
That was damn! damn! damn! AWESOME!!!

His voice!! He sounds so good!
He sounds so noble! He sounds so evil! He sounds so kind!
His feelings towards Yoshitsune is just... conveyed well!
But, just one thing, when he became the soldier, he still sounded so noble (^^;;
I think he better change his tone at that point.
I love you, Sho-chan~~~~ *Flails*

His facial expressions...!!! Maybe because he watched too many fighting movies lol
I... have nothing to say about him!
That was amazing!!
But there are certain points he should work on, harder!
But, but! He did flying!!! Awwwww~~~~ (≧∇≦)
And and, I feel like being cut seeing him dying!
Just sometimes he looks rushing, I wish he could take few seconds more in his move.
And and and... 歩き方、相変わらず幸大すぎるううううう!!!

He doesn't need a dialogue to convey his feelings!
The way he sits, the way he stand up, the way he takes a step, the way he moves, the way he glares, the way he breathes, everything is just PERFECT!!!!!!
The aura he emits!!!!!!
And the best part is, the gap between Hanzo and Tsuyoshi in with love, is too...!!!!
I have no word left to praise you, Tsu-kun!
You're doing really! Really! Really! GREAT!!!
I knew it from the stage photos previews and everything but I just couldn't believe that it's this amazing!!!

Kyomoto Taiga
I think he needs to train harder because he doesn't give the feeling of Yoshitsune era.
But he's cute as always, and lol at how he sucks at ad-libs XD
Kyo-sama's reaction towards his ad-libs was the best!!!
Just that he needs to change the way he talks, it sounds so modern.

Is so good!!! He does a great job at bringing his character.
But for the last scene when he dies, it'd look better if he makes it slower, just a few more second and you'd get me there.

I feel his feelings. He's very good in second act.

He's very good at MC-ing as expected from Watanabe-san!

Abe, Miyadate, Fukasawa aren't bad, just, maybe like Kyomoto Taiga, the way they say their dialogues sometimes sound modern sometimes sound good and sometimes sound rushing.
But well, with such push and support they get from Tackey, I'd be mad if they show no improvement, and あーゆーくらいの成長を見せないと困ります!

Just one thing that bothereddddddddd me so much throughout the entire DVD is, someone whom I've been supported or 見守ってあげた his growth since he's a chibi junior, just disappointed me and... 引きますね。
He's trying too hard and faking so much. I just wish he could be more natural and honest.

This is a secret, so need to highlight.
Those who can read it is... ... (exceptional to those who read from their friend-page)


That's all from me.

I just want to write what I feel now after watching the DVD.
Don't read if you don't like.
One thing for sure, I'm certain that I'm not biased in giving comments because I know how harsh and strict I am towards the boys.

Ah, ah!! Masashi is so cute!!! (≧____≦)